disposable toilet seat covers for travel

Model No:                           HB-02

MOQ:                                  10000 pcs

Payment Term:                  TT or LC at sight

size:                                       425*360MM


                                                                            Product Specification


Every time you travel, or go to a public toilet, it’s basically a toilet seat

In order to prevent hygiene problems, every time I have to wrap a circle of paper before I go to the toilet slowly

Not only is it a waste of paper, it’s unhygienic

This time is really still to prepare disposable toilet seat

Let’s talk about the benefits of a disposable toilet seat, a disposable toilet seat is a sanitary product that is placed on the toilet seat and has the following benefits:

  1. Hygiene protection: Disposable toilet MATS can provide additional hygiene protection. They are usually made of waterproof material and can effectively block direct contact with bacteria, viruses and other contaminants on the toilet seat.
  2. Prevention of infectious diseases: Using disposable toilet seats can reduce the risk of infectious disease transmission. They act as a physical barrier to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses from the toilet seat to the user’s body.
  3. Easy to carry: Disposable toilet seats are usually very lightweight and easy to carry. You can put them in your bag, suitcase, or pocket and use them whenever you travel or use the toilet in public places.
  4. Environmentally friendly: Disposable toilet seats are usually compostable or recyclable and have less impact on the environment. Using a disposable toilet seat can reduce the need for traditional toilet seat coverings, such as paper towels, thus reducing paper waste.

It is important to note that disposable toilet seats only provide additional hygiene protection, not a  replacement for normal hygiene practices and toilet cleaning. Maintaining good personal hygiene and regularly cleaning the toilet are important measures to ensure health and hygiene.


Hua Bin Brand Disposable Toilet Seat Cover Features:

Product name: Disposable Toilet Seat Cover

Material: Primary wood pulp

Color: White

Product type:meltwater

Product stytle:extraction type

Product specification:1/16 off

Logo: Customer Logo Printing

Product features: easy to carry/clean and hygienic

Square gram weight: 16 g/square

Net content: 10 sheets/bag

Packing quantity: 400 bags/box,47*27*33cm

Standard: EN Standard or AS/NZS standard, AZO free

Application: Travel/business trip/hotel/home

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