wholesale diapers for resale

Product name:                  Adult paper  diapers

Model No:                           HB-10

MOQ:                                  5000pcs

Payment Term:                  TT or LC at sight

size:                                      M,L,XL,XXL

Diapers Feature:

1. Soft and Breathable 

2.High Absorption

3.No PP rash

4. 360 degree Elastic Waistband

5. OEM Services

6.Customized backsheet 

7. High Absorption

8. Magic tape

9. Fast Absrorption


Product Specification

1. Material safety: The material of baby  diaper should be non-toxic, harmless and comfortable. Our company chooses pure cotton or modal cotton as the material. This kind of material is not easy to pill, has strong water absorption, is soft and comfortable, and will not cause allergic reactions to the baby.
2. Strong breathability: Baby diaper should have good breathability, which can ensure ventilation of the baby’s skin and avoid problems such as moisture and odor. Baby  diaper with good breathability can make your baby feel comfortable and avoid skin problems such as redness, swelling, and eczema.
3. Good absorbency: Baby diaper should have good absorbency, so that they can quickly absorb the baby’s urine and feces and avoid leakage and contamination. Baby  diaper with good absorbency can keep your baby dry and comfortable without feeling uncomfortable or wet.
4. Close-fitting and comfortable: Baby diaper should be comfortable and close-fitting, allowing the baby to stretch naturally and avoid restraint and friction. The close-fitting and comfortable baby  diaper can make crawling, running, jumping and other activities more natural and comfortable for your baby.

Hua Bin Brand  Baby Diapers Features:

Place of Origin:Guangxi  China

Product name:Baby Diapers

Material: PE film backsheet,Non-woven Fabric backsheet, Fluff Pulp, Japan SAP

Production Capability:200 pieces/minute

Factory Certifiate:ISO 9001, CE, FSC

MOQ:5000 pieces

Diaper size:M,L,XL,XXL

Diaper packing:1. 3pieces/bag;2. OEM packing

 Quality gurantee:5 years adult diaper

Diapers Lead time:15-25 days

Diapers Feature:

1) Super absorbent layer:
fluff fiber mixed with highly absorbent polymers draw in and condense all moisture instantly and sufficiently, preventing from flowing back and leakage.
2) Non-woven surface,soft and breathable .
3) With fine vents to prevent from flowing back and keeps the skin dry and comfortable
4) Taping panel lets adhesive tape be refastened as many times as necessary.

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