How to choose baby diapers

Baby diapers are really important
Because a high-quality diaper can give your baby a comfortable experience on the butt.

Red buttocks, leg tightening, crotch tightening, urine leakage, airtightness, side leakage, clumping, back seepage, uneven urine absorption, peculiar smell…
I believe that when every mother hears these words, her mind is filled with pictures.

So the question is, how to choose a high-quality diaper?

A high-quality diaper needs to meet the following two points:
It should be breathable and soft, but also thin enough and well absorbed.
The most important thing is – high cost performance!

After all, the amount of diapers a baby consumes in a day is by no means a small amount.

When many parents choose diapers, they are confused by the variety of good and bad diapers in the market.
Based on my practical experience, I share my experience in choosing diapers with everyone.

  1. 5 important measurement criteria When it comes to baby diapers, star moms pay attention to these 5 aspects:
    Comfort, no side leakage, softness, dryness, breathability 90% of newborns will encounter the trouble of red buttocks. Diapers are the baby’s 24-hour personal equipment. If they are not chosen properly, they will encounter various troubles such as stuffiness and itching. The baby cries during the day and cannot sleep peacefully at night, which makes the mother even more upset. 【sigh】

It absorbs water quickly and has less re-infiltration, so the baby’s bottom will be dry. These two indicators are of course the value of diapers. If one of them is missing, the baby’s bottom is likely to be soaked in urine for a long time. In addition, the baby’s skin is already delicate, and it is easy to get diaper rash.

Baby’s skin is relatively immature and has poor resistance to the external environment and is prone to allergies. As a baby’s personal daily item, diapers must be made of soft material. If the material of the diaper is not soft enough, it will easily cause the baby’s buttocks to become red or even frayed during the friction process with the baby’s skin. The softer the material, the more intimate care it can give your baby.

Since older babies can crawl, roll over, and sit, they can’t always stay still. Whether the diaper is faulty or lumpy, it will prevent urine from diffusing, which will undoubtedly cause great discomfort to the baby.

Diapers with good absorbency and dry surface can keep babies away from diaper rash?
NO! In addition to good water absorption and less back seepage, another important indicator is good breathability. Especially in summer when the climate is humid, if the breathability of diapers is poor, the baby’s buttocks will easily become red.

⭐No side leakage
This is very important if you have an extremely active baby at home. . .
It was truly a family catastrophe.

  1. Practical feedback on diapers First of all, in addition to the above hard indicators when choosing diapers, another very important thing is the size. Depending on the baby’s different weight at different stages, the size of diapers chosen will also be different. Let me tell you all here: ✔Baby under 5 kg ~ NB size
    ✔Baby 5 – 8 kg ~ size S
    ✔Baby 6 – 11 kg ~ size M
    ✔Baby 10 – 14 kg ~ size L
    ✔Baby 11-15 kg ~ Size XL
    ✔Baby above 15 kg ~ size XXL

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